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Our first time featuring on a split EP. Two tracks from us coming off of it titled 'Spew' and 'Terror in Disguise'.

The other artists on this 4 way split are Degrader, Instigator, and Regime.


To listen to all of the songs off of the split, visit Chugcore's bandcamp site.



released August 20, 2016

Mixed and Mastered by Liam Geary at Moondog Recordings



all rights reserved


SELF INFLICTED Nashua, New Hampshire

New Hampshire Heavy


David Daigle- Vocalist

Ryan Dillavou- Guitar

Josh Seymour- Guitar

Matt Boucher- Bass

Matty Gardner- Drums
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Track Name: Spew
No way you're telling me the truth
Look at all the bullshit you spew
So many lies you can't undo

You broke your promise once again
Don't act stupid, don't fucking pretend
Like you don't know what you've done to me
While I bathe in my own fucking grief

I'm sick of getting sick
Of all these dirty tricks
You make it seem like you don't care for me
You make me feel like a waste or a common enemy

But I keep reaching out to you

I'm trying so hard to impress you
But nothing's working
Day by day I keep on failing
My entire life needs saving

Why can't you specify the things I'm doing wrong?
If that was the case, I could better myself
You're so controlling
But that's the only way I'll get help

No way you're telling me the truth
Look at all the bullshit you spew
So many lies you can't undo

What's wrong with the truth?

Take my side
Where there's love to find

Just end this misery
End this misery

I'll never be finished with you
Track Name: Terror in Disguise
Don't be scared of the world around you
I swear, I swear there's no one out to hurt you
Your perspective's different, and that's alright
Just know that I'm here for you, until the day you say good bye

Please don't beat up on yourself
Your problems aren't your fault
Don't let yourself breakdown and fall

The thought of you alone worries me
Not being able to see you
It fucks with me so heavily

Oh god why can't you help him?

Why do you cringe and jump back
when you look at me?

Can't you tell that I'm your brother
No I'm not a fucking monster
I'll cherish you like no other
Don't let this disease pull you under

I've been put in a situation
That I fucking hate to be in

I'm stuck between choosing
If I should leave or if I should stay
I want to be there for you
That's the point of family

Why can't you see that I'm here to guide you?
I'm not here to fucking destroy you

Do I look normal to you?
Do I look fine?
Or am I a terror in disguise?

Everyone prays for you