Exposed EP


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Our six song deput EP "Exposed"


released April 13, 2016

Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Andy Manganello at Musono Creative Agency



all rights reserved


SELF INFLICTED Nashua, New Hampshire

New Hampshire Heavy


David Daigle- Vocalist

Ryan Dillavou- Guitar

Josh Seymour- Guitar

Matt Boucher- Bass

Matty Gardner- Drums
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Track Name: Victim
Who came along decided to change you?
Who the fuck is this person you turned into?
What makes you think you’re better than everyone?

Oh let me be
I hate what I’m seeing
A life that I used to love is being ripped to pieces

You say these things that I could care less about
Quit spewing your lies and hear me out
You’re nothing special to me
Quit acting like something you’ll never be

Why do I even fucking bother trying?
I’m done fucking hiding

It’s like there’s chains that are strapped to my feet
Holding me down, I can’t fucking leave
I can’t escape, I’ll never be free
I won’t back down even if it kills me

I’ll try to stay strong

Just another victim
But I’m so used to this
It’s nothing new to me

Why am I the one to always blame?

This gives me grief, it’s unfair
What’s with this total cheap shot?
I swear I’ve never been this scared

I wish that this
Was all a joke
And nothing was real
Track Name: Forgotten
Did it ever cross your mind
That I was doing everything right?

You made me feel like I was nothing
You never let me prove that I was something

I’m always searching for an answer
To questions that I have
I’ve never been so fucking clueless
I’ve lost everything I had

Don’t think you’re off the hook
This is all because of you

I’m exposing your true self
You just couldn’t keep your mouth shut
Why don’t you prove that you’re tough?
Can you stand up for yourself for once?

I’m a fool for trusting you

It’s time to settle our differences
It’s time to admit you’re wrong

And I can’t believe I never saw you as two faced fucking trash

Have you forgotten about
All the times you let me down?
Who have you become?
Have you had enough?

You made me feel like I was nothing
You never let me prove that I was something

Bending backwards to figure things out
All these thoughts are racing through my head
All those lasting memories
Are now so haunted

Mark my words
Track Name: Regrets
Regretting the things I said
I didn’t mean anything
There was zero commitment
So don’t tell me, I should give in

I was told to never let go
But sometimes the truth hurts and I need to show

I’m not sorry for what I did
You had every thing to do with this
Why are things so different?
Why is everything a challenge?

Abandoned by the one I loved
And it’s like you didn’t care
I put everything in what we had
And you made me like I have

Nothing in the end
You put me aside
Like I’m second hand

You make me sick
Just like a disease
You’re a coward in fear
And you deserve no sympathy

I despise you
You worthless human being
I don’t want to see your face
In my way again

This empty space where
My heart used to be
Is now filled with regret
And self inflicted agony

Abandoned by the one I loved
And it’s like you didn’t care
I put everything in what we had
And you made me like I have

A parasite
A parasite
That's eating away at my fucking mind

I am close to losing it
But I have learned you get what you get
Track Name: Overcome (Feat. Ryan St. Amand from DEAD OCEAN)
I’m feeling lost again
And hopeless, where have you been?
Why did you have to be taken away?
You helped me push through each day

Please come back
To put me back in my place
My self control has gone away

Can anyone tell me
That there’s more to life
Because I’ve felt like giving up
More than a thousand times

It’s still hard to cope with
The hurtful truth that you’re gone
I’ve never felt like I’ve suffered
More than I do now

I wasn’t ready
To say goodbye
I tried and tried
Believe me I tried

It’s safe to say I’m done
Always thinking that something’s wrong
All this pain that’s building inside
I can’t overcome

What happened to my closure?
Will there ever be an end?

Fucking save me
I know you can hear me
I don’t always ask for help
But I can’t fucking save myself
Track Name: Disconnect
Lost my sanity
Help me with closure
To get me in check

My brain has been infected
By a disorder that is ruining me
And when I think bad thoughts
My anxiety turns into tragedy

Thrown around like a rag doll
I’m begging for help

I seek guidance
These words can end my silence

Do you not notice?
This is getting out of hand
At this point
I’m taking a stand


For so long
I’ve been trying to break free
From this tight grasp you show
You’re fucking suffocating me

All those lies
You spewed at my face
All that time together
Was just a waste

Now I feel stranded
You took me for granted
Every chance that you had

How can you get up and walk away?
When you knew I felt betrayed

In this room alone
I just sit and stare
At these blank walls

Fuck memories

Track Name: Mistakes
My mistakes have defined me
They’ve made me who I am today

It’s funny how tables turn
I’ve made some bad choices and I never learned
It’s like I’ve become addicted
To treating myself like I’m worthless

No one can see from looking at me
But I’m fucked up beyond belief

And of course no one’s there by my side
When I need it most

I’m torn up and worn out
Don’t sit there and try to convince me that
All of this will get better soon
I need to progress, but I keep looking back

It’s hard to understand
But I’ve been living with zero intentions

You always told me to be on my own
I’m better off this way
Let that be known

This one time
Have mercy on me
I’ve been living a twisted reality

Self inflicted